I m feeling so weak and i m feeling so lonely
Now i know i really can trust nobody
Its you who destroid my whole world
I cant think anymore, it hurts
Should give up believe in your lies
Its so hard cause you love me,
I can see it in your eyes
İn my dreams you're still the one
But in reality i know its so wrong

Change, please change
If you want me why dont you be a man
Change ooooh change
If you want me back, be a man

You still tell me it was only sex
How can i know if she wasnt more than that
I think i ll never find out the truth
So i just hope that i m the only for you
Cause no matter how much you hurt me
I just cant stop loving you
But if i give you another chance today
You would dissappoint me again another day

Söz-müzik: atiye
Aranje: şadi arda kaynak

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