So long ago
I didn t have a care about me
I didn t know my right from wrong
But now I know
That you got your love around me
You know it makes me feel so strong

Maybe if you turn around
And prove to me it s real
Maybe we can work it out
Cause this is how I feel

Do you know if you go and give it all away?
I ll be there for you, care for you
Love you everyday oh baby
And do you feel the same for me?
Any day, I´m away
And I feel a little low
I will cry for you, die for you
Just to let you know oh baby
And if you come to me you know I ll make it right

Throughout my life
I never thought I d have somebody
Someone to call my own
And now I ve found
A little bit of heaven baby
A place to call my home

Baby don t you know?
You gotta, slow down, before you know
You´re gonna, break down and turn around
Before you know, you´ll go and break my heart
When will you learn to be, a little,helpful, when you think of
A little, careful, when you re close to me
Cause baby, I loved you from the start

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