I can see you
Sometime you goner give in
I can see you
I can see you
Eyes wide open and I'm looking
At you,when your talk
Yours a charming ou ou!
I'm I falling I'm in control
Each time our souls met
More feelings unfold
I'm gonna get ya
Gonna get ya
Gonna be mine
Naughty naughty
I'm gonna get ya
Cos I saw ya
And I want cha
want cha want cha
I'm gonna get
You that's right
I'm gonna get
You tonight
I'm gonna get you

Gozlerin ici gibi parliyor
Sana bakan benim icin titriyor
Icimdeki sonmeyen su atesi
Bir bakip daglar gibi yikiyor

Virgin Goddes
And I like to glow
I'm a little fearful
Of looking myself
You seem to have
A power other
Has had
I see premonition baby
When you take me hand

Soz: Eylem Kizil
Muzik: Eylem Kizil & Wesley Johnson
Duzenleme: Wesley Johnson

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